TASKI Intellibot Robotics Hands-Free floor cleaning machines are ideal for government buildings.


  • True multi-tasking:
    1 person can accomplish twice the work
  • Reduce costs:
    Increase productivity without increasing labor
  • Intelli-Trak™:
    Easier management of floor-cleaning activity
    • Faster response to service issues
    • Reduced downtime for repairs
    • Scheduled maintenance based on usage
    • Free software upgrades
  • EcoSave®:
    Reduces 85% of water & chemicals used each shift

Hands-Free machines help meet sustainability goals set by Executive Order 13514, increase productivity without increasing labor, reduce costs, and improve management of floor-cleaning activity, all while reducing water and chemical use by 85%.

Hands-Free Cleaning® machines are safe to use and operate. They also have remote diagnostics and reporting tools, which allow for faster response to any service issue, and means reduced downtime for repairs.

Hands-Free Cleaning® machines are perfect for government building floors given the significant amount of traffic that's experienced every day.

VA Hospitals

  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Florida

Government Buildings

  • Capitol Building
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